MS Project


  1. Activity, calendars - definition, sequencing & estimation duration
  2. How to develop a schedule plan and control
  3. Network analysis - CPM, PERT, PDM
  4. How to prepare work breakdown structure (WBS)
  5. How to update WBS
  6. Constraints
  7. How to manage cost in a project
  8. How to do resource planning and cost estimation
  9. How to prepare a resource sheet
  10. How to apply resource to each activity
  11. How to define resource pool and to allocate resource
  12. Filters and grouping
  13. How material resources are being allocated
  14. Analysing resources by levelling the resource using crashing, stretching & splitting
  15. Earned value analysis
  16. Method of developing different types of reports according to industrial needs.
  17. Scheduling in multiple projects
  18. Customisation
  19. Projects

Duration: 40 hours