Radiographic Testing - Level I

1.0 Basic Radiographic Physics Introduction

(History, Definition, Radiation protection, Basic math review: exponents, square root, etc.)

2.0 Fundamental Properties of Matter

( Elements and atoms, Molecules and compounds, Atomic particles - properties of protons, electrons, and neutrons, Atomic structure, Atomic number and weight, Isotope vs. Radioisotope)

3.0 Radioactive Materials

4.0 Types of Radiation

5.0 Interaction of Radiation with Matter

6.0 Exposure Devices and Radiation Sources

(Radioisotope sources, Radioisotope exposure device characteristics, Electronic radiation sources – 500 keV and less, low energy)

7.0 Radiological Safety Principles Review

8.0 Radiographic Technique Introduction.

9.0 Basic Principles of Radiography

(Geometric exposure principles, Radiographic cassettes, Composition of industrial radiographic film, The "heel effect" with X-ray tubes)

10.0 Radiographs

11.0 Radiographic Image Quality

(Radiographic sensitivity, Radiographic contrast, Film contrast, Subject contrast, Definition, Film graininess and screen mottle effects, Penetrameters or image-quality indicators)

12.0 Film Handling, Loading and Processing

13.0 Practical Training Exposure Techniques - Radiography

(Single-wall radiography, Double-wall radiography, Panoramic radiography, Use of multiple-film loading, Specimen configuration)

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