Visual Testing - Level II Topical Outline

1.0 Introduction of visual Testing and Remote visual Inspection

(History, Applications, Advantage and limitations)

2.0 Fundamentals

(Vision, Anatomy of the eye and mechanics of vision, Vision limitations, Perceptions, Orientation, Disorders, Employer's visual acuity examination methods)

3.0 Lighting

(Fundamentals of light, lighting measurements)

4.0 Material attributes

(Cleanliness, Color, Condition, Shape, Size, Temperature, Texture, Type)

5.0 Environmental and physiological factors

(Atmosphere, Cleanliness, Comfort, Distance, Elevation, Fatigue, Health, Humidity, Mental attitude, Relative position, Temperature, Perception)

6.0 Principles and theory
  • 6.1.1 Optics (lens optics, Fiber optics)
  • 6.2 video Technology (video camera charged coupled devices(ccd))

7.0 Equipment
  • 7.1 Lighting ( Standard lighting, Special lighting)
  • 7.2 Direct
  • (Magnification, Mirrors, Gages, Micrometers, Callipers, Templates, Scales, etc.)

  • 7.3 Indirect ( remote)
  • (Borescopes, Fiberscopes (fiber optics), Combined scopes (lens and fiber systems), Videoscopes (lens/fiber optics with integral CCD imager), videoscopes measurement techniques, comparison, shadow, stereo, Push –tube camera, Pipe- crawler camera system, Pan, tilt and zoom camera, Auxilary video equipment, Monitors, Processors, Cables)

8.0 Applications and techniques

( Recommended lighting levels, Light techniques for inspection, Metallic materials, Welds, Castings, Forgings, Extrusions, Wrought/formed, Mechanical connections, Electrical connections, Thermal connections, Mineral – based material, Ceramics, Tiles, Other materials and products, Composites)

9.0 Evaluation and Disposition Criteria

(Environmental, Infrastructure, Power generation, Petrochemical processing, Manufacturing, Aviation, Military)

10.0 Visual Testing and Remote Visual Inspection Requirements

(Codes, Standards, Procedures)

11.0 Recording and Documentation

(Technique reports, Data reports, Image recording methods)

12.0 Terminology and Definitions

Topics may be deleted if the visual testing is only required to perform direct visual inspection

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